Tuesday, 29 May 2018

A Day Trek To Rajgad | Places around pune | weekend trek in Pune

Rajgad the name itself means the "Royal Fort" is huge fort situated in Sahyadri mountains approximately 70KM from Pune. The Fort lies 1400m (4600ft) above sea level.
Rajgad served as capital of chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj for more than 25 years and has seen lot's of updowns in his life. Rajgad has  witnessed many historic moments like Birth of rajaram maharaj, death of queen SaiBai, last rituals of tanaji Malusare and many more.
Being a Passionate Trekker Rajgad was on my list from long time but finally it happened after this monsoon. The weekend was near and I was planning for this beautiful trek and 4 of my friends joined me for the trek.
We started our journey on our bikes at around 09:00am from pune. Soon we left city behind and my friends bike had a problem. It was Sunday and most of the garages were closed so it took us an hour to find a mechanic. Finally at around 11:00am we rolled again. After crossing Nasrapur we stopped at Hotel Rajtoran by the roadside. One must try their delicious Spicy Misal. We had our brunch and started again.
Road from here becomes narrow and have some bad patches. Soon at 12:30pm we reach base village Gunjavane from where the actual trek starts. (P.S.- There is one more way to reach rajgad from pali village which is easiest but longer route.) our trail started through the woods, it was easy patch. After walking for an hour we reach the flat Surface here we got the first glimpse of fort.As we walk ahead, the trail became moderately sloped, and there was steep ascends till you reach the ‘Chor Darwaza’.
Thwe view from this point was very photgenic and all our fatigue was gone. Further there was steep ascend and some rock climbing before we reach "Chor darwaja. There are railings installed to ease your climb.
After the tiring climb we reach Padmavati machi. Here you see Padmavati lake, padmavati Temple and Samadhi (Tombstone) of Queen Saibai. You always have an option for overnight stay in padmavati Temple. You can have quick lunch over there. We ordered 'Pithala and Bhakari" For ourself and then we proceed towards balekilla.
The Climb to Balekilla is steep ascend and it requires good climbing skills. Railing are also installed on the way to reach safely to Maha Darwaja. Bale killla is highest point on the fort and it has remannants of kings palace, Market, water cistern and caves. You can see whole fort and vast surrounding hills from balekilla. One can spot Sinhagad, Torana and other forts from this point. The view is awesome and very photogenic.
by the tie we descend balekilla it was 06:00pm in the clock and was already getting dark. So we decided to skip Suvela machi and Sanjivani Machi and started descending from the same route against our will. it was very dark and we used our Flashlights to find the way down.
After one and half hour we reach to the base village gunjavane and started our journey back to Pune. On the way back we encounter some heavy rain but finlly reached home safely by 9:00PM.
Although tired but satisfied we were happy. If you need any help planning the trek to rajgad you can reach me at Champmj7@gmail.com.
This is my first blog ever so kindly let me know how do you like it do comment your suggestions.
Thank you.

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